The Sky Is Not the Limit

Meet Ross Hutchison, the man who doesn’t just make the days count—he makes the minutes count. He has crammed many lifetimes into one life and made many friends along the way. Ross’s boundless energy has taken him to the pinnacle of multiple careers, and his tutors and mentors along the way were always the royalty in their chosen fields.

His work in television, theatre, film, cabaret, and radio has been seen and heard in Australia and around the world. For many years, he was a dancer and choreographer on Bandstand, both for Brian Henderson and the Daryl Somers Series. Ross was also choreographer and dancer for the great Benny Hill. During his career, he has danced with Sammy Davis, Liza Minnelli, and numerous other stars. His work with Bernard King on TV and in cabaret/theatre restaurants and pantomimes is legendary.

In later life, his love of horses reignited as a need to learn to drive harness racers. But that did not shift his focus from his ministry and support of those in need. The many who have used his private alternative medicine clinic and those who lean on his foundation for support will never forget this magical man.